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Today, organizations require human talent that focuses on continuous learning and possesses both technical and socio-emotional skills, in order to overcome the day-to-day challenges at these organizations

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A free recommendation engine, at your service.

If you're seeking relevant information on the skills and profiles in greatest demand for the future, want access to national and international learning recommendations based on current workforce needs, or encourage the people at your organization to put their intellectual curiosity into practice, then this artificial intelligence-based platform is designed for your organization.

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Future Up's taxonomy of skills categorizes and standardizes profiles according to relevant skills. This is then paired with information from Costa Rica's 17 most dynamic sectors.

Constant updates

The labor market of the future requires constant learning and growth to remain current. As such, skills improvement becomes necessary for all people, for reasons beyond even employment.

New opportunities

A culture of continuous learning invites an environment that inspires intellectual curiosity. Access recommendations and develop skills through courses, podcasts, bootcamps, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Future Up is a free access platform, which uses skills taxonomies as a base that serve to educate an artificial intelligence engine that encourages a culture of continuous learning in people in Costa Rica. We want your organization to know and explore options to acquire or offer new learning.

Future Up is free to access for individuals and allies.

We do not recommend jobs because we are a platform of skills. Sometimes, we tend to believe that we can access only one type of job, when in reality we have developed many skills in our lives that allow us to have access to other opportunities that perhaps we would otherwise never have considered.

Future Up works with an artificial intelligence-based recommendation engine that takes international taxonomies as reference and then links them to the sectors, opportunities, and learning options in greatest demand in Costa Rica.

You should join if you're looking for options to manage the continuous learning process; if you want to provide people with opportunities to expand their knowledge and develop skills; or if you're seeking to raise awareness on continuous learning as a personal responsibility.

In Future Up, you'll find sectors that represent the country's economy: Agriculture and Technology; Administration; Supply Chain; Digital Services; Education; Banking, Finance, and Accounting; Life Sciences; Business Intelligence; Social Innovation; Information Technology and Computing; Manufacturing; Advertising; Media and Marketing; Research and Development; Real Estate and Construction; Shared Services; and Tourism and Sales.

At Future Up, we understand the importance of knowledge and access to tools that help you manage the continuous learning process. Through the ally interface, we want to give you access to reports on skills and their relationship to various sectors and learning opportunities of greatest demand. In addition, it allows you to differentiate your ally navigation from your personal profile.

To register, please visit, look for the button that says Login, and then choose the Register option. You can register via email and a password, or, if you have a Gmail or LinkedIn account, you can also log in via one of those accounts. After registering, check your registration email (either the email you used to sign up or that you have linked to Gmail or LinkedIn), where you'll receive a confirmation link for account verification. To register as an ally, you must enter the code that we create in the My Profile section for your organization.

Internationally, skill taxonomies identify the capabilities of a group of people in a quantifiable way. Essentially, it allows you to classify and link people with trending roles and profiles. Future Up uses the Onet and ESCO taxonomies as a reference. This allows for skills to be related to the sectors, roles, and learning options that are most in demand in Costa Rica.

Artificial intelligence is fed from individuals' interactions with Future Up, giving visibility to primary trends in topics of interest, such as skills, sectors, roles, profiles, learning opportunities, courses, and more.

You can find our content providers in the Learning Routes section.

The Future Up platform offers various learning options, including those from national and international providers, which are either free or paid and are offered in formats, such as bootcamps, courses, podcasts, webinars, and more. In this way, each person can self-manage their learning and choose the course that best suits their learning interest.

If you offer content valuable to any Future Up sector, please connect with us at and send your proposal for assessment. Content must have a series of specific characteristics, so that we may offer our users the best learning possibilities available.

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A great leap for human talent development that makes it possible to learn new skills and receive new knowledge for putting into practice in a competitive technological world.

José Mario Alvarado Muñoz

Human Development Manager

This platform is a friendly tool that can serve to build our workers’ skills and knowledge in such a way that they can reach their goals.

Damaris Fallas

Managing Director

The English program with Future Up inserts our human talent teams professionally into the global economy from Costa Rica.

Marjorie Ramírez

Human Capital Manager

Staying curious is essential nowadays; at Edwards we value a growth mindset and continuous learning. Future Up is an excellent tool for helping with personal development.

Edwards Lifesciences

Start designing the continuous learning strategy that best suits your organization.

If you're interested in exploring options tailored to your company's human talent needs and diversity profile, or according to specific identified needs, please send us an email so we can work with you toward your goal.

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