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Future Up is a community of people interested in accessing tools to develop a culture of continuous, complementary, and self-managed learning. We want you to take your future into your hands and start building it, starting today. This is a free registration platform. Please note that Future Up is not a mobile app; therefore, you will not find it in any app store, but rather will access the platform through any web browser

Future Up was born from Costa Ricans' desired to learn. The world is changing and, more and more, people are required to invest in their skills and they're willing to reinvent themselves as many times as necessary. What differentiates Costa Rica from other countries is its human talent; it's essential that we continue developing it

The Future Up project is led by CINDE, in alliance with the IDB Lab and CRUSA. Three organizations, over the years, have contributed to the country's economic development and to closing social gaps.

Future Up is a community of people who want to learn and invest in expanding their opportunities through different and sometimes disruptive tools. Learning has no age and so, this platform and this community have been developed based on all people's needs in Costa Rica.

We have grown up in a society and a culture that dictate the steps to follow to get a job. However, people are constantly learning during all life circumstances; we learn not only to secure employment but for life, we learn so that we can apply knowledge to our everyday life.

To stay on trend, you must always be up to date. Learning new skills gives you more opportunities for growth.

Future Up is different because this is a community and a platform that makes recommendations for developing new skills – skills required in Costa Rica, based on those needed in the sectors that have the highest potential in the country. Future Up does not create the platform's content, but we incorporate and recommend content from our strategic, national, and international allies.

Join our community if you're interested in investing in continuous learning and aspire to be the kind of person who is constantly learning new things. If you are interested in developing new skills that you can apply to your life, you must stay up to date, familiarize yourself with new ways of learning and, additionally, discover new interests.

Future Up does not request sensitive personal data. For free platform registration, the only requirements we request are an email address, year of birth, province of residence, and current work or profession. In addition, you can find our data use policy on our website.

To register for Future Up, please visit, look for the button that says Login, and then choose the Register option. You can register via email and a password, or, if you have a Gmail or LinkedIn account, you can also log in via one of those accounts. After registering, check your registration email (either the email you used to sign up or that you have linked to Gmail or LinkedIn), where you'll receive a confirmation link for account verification.

The questions we ask you in relation to your interests are optional; however, the more questions you answer, the more our recommendation engine can create a personalized experience and make recommendations based on your tastes, preferences, and interests.

Click "Select" to peruse the skills that are currently trending; there, you'll be able to select which skills you already have and which ones you'd like to develop. "Discover" is the section that details your opportunities, which can be either a sector or a position. In the "Evaluate" section, you can find and complete knowledge tests for languages, skills, vocational interests, and other topics. "Learn" is where you'll find all the recommendations that the platform has made, according to your tastes, preferences, and interests.

We do not recommend jobs because we are a platform of skills. Sometimes, we tend to believe that we can access only one type of job, when in reality we have developed many skills in our lives that allow us to have access to other opportunities that perhaps we would otherwise never have considered.

It's important to remember that the platform does not make recommendations based on careers or jobs, but rather based on skills. This means that our new skill recommendations are based on interests that you can develop in many other areas of both your personal and professional life.

Remember that certain skills may be recommended, as they are shared with other sectors and opportunities. The recommendation engine focuses on skills.

We recommend logging into Future Up every day, so that you can learn from the platform's recommendations and stay up to date with the content that it offers.

The recommendation engine is based on the interactions you have with the platform. The more you use it, the better the platform understands your interests and tastes. It's connected to the development of certain skills.

The Future Up curriculum grants access to a variety of courses, some of which are totally free and others that are paid; payment for paid courses are the responsibility of each user.

Most of the content you find on Future Up concludes with a certificate. But remember, you'll find a variety of learning methods, including podcasts and YouTube channels.

Future Up offers various forms of learning, such as bootcamps, face-to-face classes, hybrid models, podcasts, learning routes, social networks, and both synchronous and asynchronous classes.

To select which content to include on the Future Up platform, we conducted a study of the most dynamic areas in Costa Rica. As a result, we now present content from 17 sectors of the country that include: Agriculture and Technology; Administration; Supply Chain; Digital Services; Education; Banking, Finance, and Accounting; Life Sciences; Business Intelligence; Social Innovation; Information Technology and Computing; Manufacturing; Advertising; Media and Marketing; Research and Development; Real Estate and Construction; Shared Services; and Tourism and Sales.

Mastery of a second language, and especially English, is essential for work, personal, and everyday matters. Even if you can already communicate in another language, it's important to always work toward perfecting it, as it's not your mother tongue.

Future Up focuses on short and complementary content. We seek to create a culture of continuous learning, and thus offer content from those providers that meet our requirements, and that is easily accessible to the majority of the population.

Socio-emotional skills are transversal to any position or sector, while specialized skills are those that you'll need for specific sectors. We recommend both because they are necessary and because all skills are learned through doing.

No. We all learn in different ways. We have different experiences and they have an impact on how we use our skills. The recommendations that we offer you on these platforms mark the beginning of a learning process that never ends. Remember that we are facing a culture where change is constant and we need to be prepared for it.

We have grown up in a society and a culture that dictates the steps required to get a job. However, people learn throughout all our life circumstances. We learn not only to secure employment; we learn for life and we learn to apply our knowledge to our day to day.

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